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Survive Sunrise

by ASG

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North Carolina riff-rockers ASG re-emerge with their six-full length and first new album in five years, Survive Sunrise. Recorded, mixed and mastered with longtime producer Matt Hyde (Deftones, Slayer, Monster Magnet), Survive Sunrise further expands upon ASG’s trademark blend of heavy, southern-fried, alt-rock fury and infectious, hook-centric accessibility. With unabashedly hooky vocals, evocative lyrics and well-honed musical chops, ASG create soaring, melodic rock anthems with a sunny, colorful vibe that are reminiscent of the album’s electrifying cover art, designed by Malleus (Queens of the Stone Age, Foo Fighters, The Melvins). Survive Sunrise is the perfect summertime hard rock album, one that rocks with wild abandon and will burrow into your head for years to come.


released June 15, 2018

2018 Relapse Records


all rights reserved



ASG North Carolina

North Carolina’s finest psychedelic, stoner-punks are ASG! Impossible to pigeonhole, ASG has been wheelin’ and dealin’ in kick-ass rock n’ roll since forming in 2001. The band has previously released four albums including their critically acclaimed effort Win Us Over in 2007. In May 2013, ASG will release their Relapse debut album. ASG has gained a reputation for their wildly energetic live shows. ... more


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Track Name: Survive Sunrise
Strike for your eyes when I'm seeking
A heart in the sky worth believing
When i feel like suffering some
The battering ram deals it's worth upon my fears
Like those suffering some
Survive sunrise
Caskets of fire in the water screaming

War is the cry of the infants singing
Graveyard fields prize those suffering some
Survive sunrise
Track Name: Execution Thirst
Sun down high, mountain low
Give us a glimpse, I'm not sold
Who wrong? who wrong?
I know! I know!
Give us a glimpse, I'm not sold
Execution thirst
Heavy danger, pretty hearse
Preservation trials, I own my lonely miles
Limitless appeal, dance with anger, kiss with fear
Expectations bruised, reckless just like you
Track Name: Up From My Dreams
bury the cross next to the prize
God can't take us alive
up from my dreams new flesh top to bottom
dance upon your tombstone life's never stopping

try and force it, set sail, forget
new queen choking out the used bee
warning signs unsettled by the fault line

tried and overturned
wear your outer crimes we’ll justify
God can't redeem all the rays in the sunshine
Jesus and Mary swinging in the grapevines

tear off the pupils of my eyes
old planet spins off its wheels
confident she knows not that it feels right
on track to the old killing fields
it looks like it can think and feel
bite it, touch it, make sure you know that it's real
life don't look like the outside
I've worn out my old atmosphere

play dead and attack
because you might not enjoy
all it takes to get born
Track Name: Lightning Song
lightning, come quick and conquer me
too early to dream, and we never go to sleep
sing a song, or scream, howl along with me
to the sound of the animals, that are running wild in me

no one remembers the face of the end
so come on let's run to the end, to the end
we're not the ones to be taught how to live or die
come on let's run to the end, to the end
whites of our teeth to the end, to the end
we're not the ones to be taught, tear your insides out

promise, to keep my dying wish for me
no chance for miracles, if faith guarantees defeat?
swing along, come swing, shoot the breeze with me
they're cannibals in the carnival, and the leopards run the street

the still south is still in store
Track Name: Hawks on the Run
hawks on the run with the sound of a pointed gun
march to the beat of a crooked heart that I must keep
no sign of my name in God's will
do or die
trying to get right with what's left
so much for surprise we all got to get off
kites in the sun ribbon down creeks of solar blood
waltz with the trees
touch the pulsing drums on shoreline’s feet

count on misfortunes to peel
cracks in the eyelids of dawn
white capped with fear
how far can islands move on?
when lonesome the mountain will call
ice trapped the future will hear
Track Name: The Heaven Moon
eyes are for prying open wounds like canyons
teeth are to grind, taste is to find
ain’t no sense in it all
and I'm unable from keeping the spark from setting to fire

the heaven moon is full
dare we climb outside?
forget what's left of here?
is there room for two?
shall we forever hide?

pulse to the vein
flight to the feather
down from the hillsides we climb
point the mirror inside those you know so well
but you can't describe who you see
thimble for you shovel for me

was it beautiful?
when you stepped outside?
forgot what's left of here?
skin and bones designed to run our kingdom wild
Track Name: Kubrick Colors
strong eyes
Track Name: God Knows We
empty the contents of your heart
ease prostitution of your soul
bright lights are piercing through the mountain's hair
as wild fire terrifies the valley

God knows we don't mean well

memories of things I haven't seen
remind me to ask forever more
so let the sky unwind it's daily ritual
and let the night sky sterilize my conscience

let your spirit fly
Track Name: Heavy Scars
heavy scars are gonna make ya crawl

I sleep with killer bees, and trade for tomahawks
I play on guillotines, and tickle lions paws
I fight for memories, and pay for blood at cost
I chase down cheetah dreams, and drink to life and loss

if I outlive you to death would you give up the rest?
apocalyptic threats could never put you to test
but you're a capable mess
you perfect rubix cube
break out the prison rules
no great escape in view
the safest word is on the loose
tick tock the clock goes youth
let's play some push and pull
stripe the zebra's wool
a full service tomb
you wanna die in your boots?
prove your atomic use
Track Name: Weekend Money
better save up, the price only rises it seems
life breaks the change, death pays for it
cost is in exchange
hearts beating quicker
you pick the grave, ill dig for it
payback is everything

drive me in parts and build again
you turn for me back into a smile
it ain't real just like the dreams you want to steal
we kick in sleep and we kill for time

never gave up, trying for something to keep
you take the pain, ill give for it
scrape up what remains
hearts beating ever quicker
let's race the day, into another
hope it stays the same
Track Name: Lamb Song
we carry the lamb of our hearts in the eagles claw
some things can tear you apart in the evening show
steel veins unwind, accomplices in stride
helpless and tossed who you're needed most

just need a little bit of time to explore

still we come by graves and quarries
ice amongst the waves of worry
pay for worship, power ,glory,
I'm taught when to stand up
just need a little bit of time to explore

stop where you are
stop where you are going
back and forth like hero stories wind through your door
back and forth like hero stories climb, legends grow
Track Name: Florida Sleep On
it's not real I know
it's a nightmare let go
she'll peel your skin off slow
scorch your eyes as a prize
Glenn and Tonya know
wolves are feeding around this town again
it's a beast I know
twisty ties in a bind
acid orange groves
the sunshine state exposed
doom and gloom pop threshold
the crash house slips though our finger tips
wind swept palms blow
our winter kiss with a citrus twist
turn down ultra violent shows
wolves are feeding around this town again
Track Name: Tongues Tied (Bonus Track)
listen fool you hear these wolves?
they howl and cry new warnings
at wit’s end stoop you'll find the noose
so bight and bind you're chosen

tongue tied together dark wishes for fun
tongue tied together forced in the fight

with spirits loose and pounding hoofs
let's ride, let's ride to new mornings

maybe she said turn back friend
but maybe she meant ain't no turning back from here

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