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Blood Drive

by ASG

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ASG emerge from the sandy shores of North Carolina to deliver their fourth full length and Relapse debut ‘Blood Drive’. Sun soaked groove heavy riffs that reference equal parts Torche and Queens of the Stone Age ‘Blood Drive’ is nothing short of anthemic. ASG have toured the country relentlessly with the likes of Corrosion of Conformity, Weedeater and Black Tusk. But what’s most remarkable about ‘Bloodlines is that any of its 12 instantly memorable songs could just as easily be FM radio smash hits. What sets ASG apart from their swampy peers is singer/guitarist Jason Shi’s voice: this is a set of songs that are truly SUNG by a guy who can actually SING. ‘Bloodlines’ is a kick ass blast of sun that elevates ASG to the level of some of their most well-regarded Relapse label-mates like Baroness and Mastodon.

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released May 28, 2013

Relapse Records


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ASG North Carolina

North Carolina’s finest psychedelic, stoner-punks are ASG! Impossible to pigeonhole, ASG has been wheelin’ and dealin’ in kick-ass rock n’ roll since forming in 2001. The band has previously released four albums including their critically acclaimed effort Win Us Over in 2007. In May 2013, ASG will release their Relapse debut album. ASG has gained a reputation for their wildly energetic live shows. ... more


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Track Name: Avalanche
All the gods are crazy can't you see
Like the firelight that builds in me
Temper is the town I sank my feet
Grinding churning endlessly

Solar eclipse the day
Mind beam narcotic state
So far it looks the same
High speed into the grave

Avalanche surprise me when you fall
Terror rides along this shooting star
I see earth reflections staring tall
Highlights of the world I left you on

Started cold,
Twin sight rhyme
Midnight lung
Wave they walk
Tremble tired
Empty signs
Sore eyes tight
More rain
Track Name: Blood Drive
Self inflicted the wound
I bled for you, come now and bleed for me too
Then stitch me up again
Can't see the shape of your face
But you're eyes let my sunrise, blanket my mind
Uncover me again

Dead flowers on the wall vultures in the den
Got a long list of foes and a shorter list of friends

Bury my heart in the woods
Spread my remains close by where the weeping willow stood
I'll be born again
Track Name: Day's Work
Caress me gently I'm on fire
No wailing wall to hold my last two tears
Upside down we did grow
And if you memorize you're steps they just might get you out from here

Ain't to much around here to hold someone's attention
When you're eyes are bound

I'll get the best of you and triumph
A tidal wave of emptiness is near
Have you heard pain before? I bet you listen well
After forever you' re last words appear
Track Name: Scrappy's Trip
I didn't write the rules you know, I merely redefined
Fucking torture I can't stand the sites to see
Blank space covers their eyes
Common cuss is barely alive
Slow erosion I hate the scene, hate the feel

All your days been numbered clearly, I bit down choked on your failure

No explosion can crease the fear
Alluring skies
Busting rails and I've punctured my head
Big city rat the race
A country boy immersed in grace
Slow convulsions I hate the scene hate the feel

All your days been numbered clearly, I bit down choked on your failure
This ain't no howling cry, this is a guiding hand
Striking you down, while slowly sinking

Fall into the wall
Crawl under the hall
Track Name: Castlestorm
The weakness is driving us wild
Trapped in impatience the hunt
Unleash us to victory fire
Bask in the wine of our flood
Millions of feet to climb these heights
Thoughts not one betray
I'd Torture the rest of my days
Just to run wild once again

Lie and tremble

Struck by the sunlight flanked by the rain
Gods shame pit flesh wound cave
Unraveled by a lifetime of shit and disfigurement
Holy abandonment slave

Lie and tremble like a failure
Line up, come and take it
Track Name: Blues For Bama
Scratching out from hell
Dig until you're tired, tired, tired
Dream a while, dream for miles and miles
Wreckless as the wind obeys
Playful as the pain

Come as you were
Unwoven and broken
Desperate indeed
Dead in the deepest end
Iron will weld but strike while it's burning
Come lend your grievances
Blackout the colors that sting

I believe it's not for me
Empty coffin I sink, low
The lions could tame us
Or parade our flesh to the backdoors of yesterday's dream

I need a new eye to build my sky
Track Name: Earthwalk
The arch of night is hard to find
We all must hide with our two eyes from you
And god wars drive through all our time
While long and hard the walk to try for you
Leave us and go
All night earth cries beautiful sounds
Track Name: Children's Music
Under my bow, an arrow
Northern twine, strung to a southerly stave
Twilight of a life, eastern black watery gaze
Western swine, fruits of the seasonal raze

Surprise the break of day
Gone Writhing everyone
Lost smiles, demon rhymes
Twisted through time

Severed by stone, new marrow
Rosen spine, draped in olfactory glaze
Romance be the wine, fermented water of snakes
Downstream lies, black pond where lucifer waits
Track Name: Hawkeye
Set the tourniquet
Bury shots at the firing range
Trading scars
Wreck and return
Casualty outcome but I won't be one

It's a hostile retreat and the fangs are out, and it's coming after me again
It's an ordinary lie, on an ordinary day
And it's coming after me again

Lights out we ride
Tearing holes in a sunken sky
Fictional crisis
Choke in the air
Believing in something but it's just not there
Track Name: Stargazin
Stuck inside a beating circle
Define my nature, first in the fun
My arms gather tracks left behind

It's toxic roots and heads like tree scars
Lick wounds and atrophy
Born to ride helplessly into a burning sky

We can't eat them all at one time
But we like the way
It keeps ourselves on the climb

Mother maker rebirth in the sun

Stuck inside a beating circle
Torn by time in fields forever
Hearts born twice at once
Track Name: The Ladder
Would you go down, down
Into the flames with me
Set a course, for die speed
The bayonet obeys

It feels like the dark page is turning
Death faces engrained in my floor
At first light there goes Jacob running
And the nameless take shapes like a storm

Take a hold of bright light
The heir of sane betrays
Seven floors to dive through
The air in flames remains
Track Name: Good Enough To Eat
I found a reason to breathe
My enemies are left behind
The walls that you drew
Have colored me in color blind

Good enough to eat, old enough to teach
Gonna find out what they're killing for

Darling you're used
You complicate the howl inside
Imbalanced and doomed
Stick with me and lose your mind

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